Reusable Feminine Napkins?



Oh yes, that is really a thing. It might sound odd at first, but when you consider that reusable cloth diapers are successfully washed and dried without a fuss, reusable feminine napkins shouldn’t turn too many heads. Yes, there is the minor inconvenience of having to carry your reusable used napkin back home if you are out and about. But this is easily solved with a mini wet bag, something mommas who cloth diaper are very familiar with.

Since I’ve been using a menstrualĀ cup for over 4 years, I have become free of the financial burden of tampons. I no longer literally flush money down the toilet. However, I do like to have a light protection pad while wearing a cup and then for the few tail end days. Buying light pads isn’t terribly expensive, but I calculated that it is costing me about $60/year.

Not to mention that discardable napkins are wasteful and uncomfortably sweaty. I decided it was time to try something different. My friend introduced me to Shannon’s little store for such items. You can easily find many vendors on etsy and the like who make a similar product. Shannon hand makes the cotton pads along with a few other similar items for sale on her website. I purchased her bundle of five in the 8.5″ size for just $27. She lets you pick out what patterns of cloth you would like, which was really unique.


Since I was in the process of moving, Shannon was flexible and let me know when the order was ready to ship so I could give her the correct shipping address.

I absolutely love these, they are super soft. The slender pad snaps off from the wrap around pad for best washing. To hold them on your underpants, you simply wrap them around and secure with the snap. For washing, care for them similarly to how cloth diapers are cleaned in the wash. (Your used wet bags get washed along with the pads).





If these work well, I’ll be ordering another set of five or ten! Thank you Shannon!


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