Big Island Farmer’s Markets



We found a few farmer’s markets that we really like on the Big Island. First I’ll show you up close what kinds of food we find at the markets, then I’ll take you on a short tour of my favorite markets in our area.

My favorite market is called Maku’u and it is just south of Hawaiian Paradise Park. Held every Sunday, this is a large market with a strong hippie culture. There are many fruit stands and just as many street food vendors. You can buy jewelry, shirts, accessories, plants and many other things. It is less touristy feeling and more of a local vibe.


The market in Kea’au is a small one, but you can bargain a good price, especially if you buy the majority of your produce from the same vendor.



Another very popular market is in Hilo and is held every day, but their “big” days are on Wednesday and Friday. This one has a lot of produce on one side of the street and all the merchandize vendors on the other side of the street. It feels a bit more touristy, probably because there are more tourists and less locals at this market than some of the other ones in the area.

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I have heard that the market in Volcano on sunday mornings is good, but we have yet to make it over there.


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