Animal Architects


Most kids I know are very curious about animals. They want to know what animals eat, where they live, what sounds they make. This beautiful book takes that interest a bit further and tells you how certain animals make their homes. Animal Architects: Amazing Animals Who Build Their Homes is a must have for an inquisitive child who is interested in all kinds of creatures.

We really enjoy reading and the illustrations are charming and informative. My 4 year old has so many questions when we start reading a new page that I often need to ask him to let me read the words so we can find out the answers to all his questions!

Unschoolers/homeschoolers Tip:

  • Pair the reading of this book with videos of the animals from youtube building their homes.
  • After reading the book a few times, if it is your child’s favorite, ask them to remind you what a certain animal uses to build it’s home (or any other random interesting facts about each animal). Pretend like you forgot and are asking them to refresh your memory. Teaching others is the best way to recall information.
  • Gather twigs from the yard and invite your child to build a nest like a bird
  • Use mud to build a termite nest and let it dry
  • Etc…

animal architects


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