Best Banana Bread Recipe


You are in for a treat. This recipe tops them all. It is both simple and delicious. We always have ripe bananas around. But I rarely make cake breads, as most of them require added sugar. One day my four year old asked if we could make banana bread. Heck, why not. The next day we tried this recipe and it was very well received.

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I loved how simple it was and that it used less sugar than other cake breads I have seen recipes for. We used coconut sugar and coconut oil and that really boosted the flavor. I used a bit less oil than the recipe requires and I think next time I could use half of what is called for. The bananas make this so moist already.

Best of all, when you bake vegan goodies, you can lick the spatula clean without worrying about getting a tummy ache!

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