Discovering Sourdough Bread – Vegan and Fat free!


I’ve been a gluten free eater for about 6 years, with much recent doubt that I actually need to eat gluten free. That is another story. The rest of my household can eat gluten, and since we also eat vegan, plant foods are a staple in our diet. Turning down gluten has been difficult for me and I am experimenting adding wheat back into my diet. But for my husband and kids who eat store-bought bread, I wanted to start making home made bread. There are ingredients in store bought breads that extend their shelf life (anti-fungals) that are not great for eating all the time.

2015-08-08 18.25.15
My very first sourdough loaf, served with a hearty vegetable soup.

I had not realized how simple and naturally vegan a sourdough recipe is! It is even low fat or fat free by design, no recipe altering necessary. Sourdough is the beauty of flour, water and wild yeast (and a bit of salt). Nothing more needed, just a bit of time and knowledge in the art of making this type of bread.

A most detailed and helpful tutorial on creating your yeast starter can be found at The Kitchn. Then for making the bread, I found a wonderful tutorial and recipe at The Clever Carrot. I was inspired to create sourdough by a friend who is very passionate about this wonderful art. After making the yeast (feeding it and taking care of it) and now making bread from that starter yeast, I feel differently about this food than anything else I have made. The living aspect of the yeast and the care needed to keep it alive, adds a dimension to sourdough bread that is unique. It feels like a growing, living, alive thing that is working with you as you create it. Very neat.

I’ll be making bread for my family (and maybe myself too), both for the love of working with these simple ingredients and for the purpose of getting away from process breads containing shelf-life extending ingredients. Oh, and for that amazing home made bread smell that fills the house when it’s baking…mmmmmm.


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