Drone spies on Factory Farming Operations


Drone operator and movie producer Mark Devries has combined his talents to spy on factory farming operations that are compromising the health and safety of nearby residents. Mark is also the producer of the movie Speciesism.

His video footage about a pig farm in North Carolina caught my attention. If you eat bacon, you should know that this is the kind of filth you are supporting with your almighty dollar. “It’s easy for a big pig farm to have as much waste as a medium sized city.” So the cesspool of pig feces and urine is sprayed into the air with a giant sprinkler to get rid of the toxic water.


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  • Have watched (3x’s) the documentary “Food, Inc.” and I’m appauled, but not shocked by mega-corporation’s lack of responsibility (concern?) for the long-term ripples of big BIG business… or in other words, revenue, profits, executive bonuses, and shareholder dividends.

    The U.S. must revamp/overhaul its capitalistic-driven consumer-driven arrogance and join many of the advanced eco-conscious eco-friendly economies in Europe, particularly in Northern Europe.

    Great share Chrystine

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