Flower Block: Open Ended Play


This past December I saw a post on The Artful Parent about a toy that encourage open ended play. It was simply a wooden block with holes drilled into it and some large flowers that fit into the holes.  It was described as the most played with toy and I loved how it looked like something found in a Reggio inspired class room.  When not played with, it was pleasing to look at.


With a $45 pricetag from the Mama May i shop, I decided to make my own.  At a wood working shop I found a wooden block for $3.  My husband already had the drill, bits and brace to hold the drill in while boring the holes. He showed me how to drill the holes and I made two, one for a friend.


At the craft store I found some fat-stemmed daisies for $3 a piece (although this should have been cheaper if I could have caught one of their half-off floral sales that go on all the time, but not during the holiday season apparently!). So for $18 I recreated the “Little Nurture Box”.


My boys have played gardening, sword-fighting, flower picking, shopping for flowers and other games with this that I didn’t know existed.  It is a toy that begs imagination.




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