Cinder Block Garden



These little cinder block garden ideas are all over pinterest. While cleaning up the backyard for an epic Winter Solstice party we will be hosting, a number of cinder blocks needed to be re-purposed. A few bags of dirt and a trip to the local nursery completed this little wonder.  I wasn’t happy with just planting rows in the middle and patting myself on the back.  The winter seedlings for the southwest region went in the rows and all the stuff from the nursery I potted in the cinder holes.  In the back are flowers and herbs and kale.  Along the long sides are 12 Swiss Chard plants.  In the front: more flowers.

2014-12-11 08.23.34

To make the row markers, I used some old wooden cards and painted them with chalk paint, then painted the lettering on with white acrylic paint. The base is a wine cork with the middle carved out, the card inserted and glued in place.

2014-12-11 08.23.40


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