Dinosaur Costume


My oldest is totally in love with dinosaurs. The baby follows along and has fun playing dinosaur too. This year for halloween they are both going to be dinosaurs! I already made some dino tails, so to complete the outfit I made them some dino shirts.


To make the dinosaur shirt you will need any t-shirt and a length of fabric to match the length of the shirt from neckline to the bottom of the shirt (and about 5 inches wide).  The spikes are super easy to make and then they are sewn into the shirt down the back.



1. Measure the length of the fabric needed along the spine of the shirt.  Your fabric for the spikes should be doubled over (folded) for the tracing and cutting part:


2. Trace the dino spikes with the troughs of the spikes having about a 1/2 inch (your fabric should be wrong side facing out):

3: Cut out the spikes:100_5780

4: Sew along the spike edges, leaving the flat bottom edge unsewn:

5: Cut two small notches in each “trough” that does not pass your stitches.  This makes it easier to turn right side out:

7. Turn the spikes right side out:

8: Just to ensure a clean finish, stitch along the bottom of the spikes:


9. This is the tricky part.  Place the spikes along the spine of the shirt so the flat edge goes down the very center.100_5786

Then fold the shirt over on that line and pin the fabric together the way it should look when sewn together.  Once your pins are in place (this might be tricky to pin), turn the shirt inside out and stitch a line from the top to the bottom, making sure NOT to catch the front panel of the shirt.  Also, be careful to start the spikes below the collar of the shirt for best looks and functionality when pulling the shirt over the head.


Turn it right side out and start being a dinosaur!100_5794



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