Non-organic Foods Contain Poison in Every Cell


It is very possible that any non organic food you eat has neonicotinoids, a systematic poison, in every cell of the plant.  Animals you eat who are fed with non organic feed may have accumulated amounts of this poison in their bodies.  The water that we drink in the US has been accumulating these toxins in alarming amounts, according to the WIA study.  Today, 40% of the world’s pesticides are neonicotinoids.  This relatively new type of pesticide is being widely used, at the detriment of bees and other pollinators, contributing to colony collapse disorder.  The fatal effect that “neonics” have on bees is an alarm bell for us to conduct speedy research to know if neonics have toxic long term effects on humans who eat foods that have been treated with the pesticide.  

If you needed any more reasons to eat organic, this should be the final straw.  Eating organic is a vote, a choice to support the type of farming that is good for you, the environment and the bees who do all the work to pollinate the crops that become your dinner.  When we make the organic vote, we make organic foods in higher demand, which can drive down the price of organics for others who cannot afford to make the organic choice.

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