“Sweedish” Fishbowl Valentine: Free Printout

Yes, I know the correct spelling is Swedish, but how cute is a “sweet-ish” fishbowl Valentine?  Hence, Sweedish Fishbowl:

My husband and I rarely celebrate Valentines day.  We don’t give each other candy, flowers or any of the cliche gifts.  Being people who like to avoid crowds, we certainly don’t go out for dinner or a date that night (or weekend).  Since our children are young, we haven’t had much reason to mark the holiday with craft projects and school valentines … yet…


This year our oldest is paying attention to the seasons, rituals, traditions and feeling the rhythm of the year and the excitement of the holidays.  I had to step up my game this year!  This next week before V-day we’ll be doing valentines crafts, making heart garlands, grabbing some heart-shaped dollar-store helium balloons, and making heart shaped sugar cookies and decorating them when some friends come over for a play-date.  I’ve never liked Valentines Day until this year.  I am really looking forward to celebrating it with my children!


This year our oldest is in preschool and they are having a “Friendship Party” to exchange valentines.  I found a few ideas for “sweedish” fish valentines out there, but none were exactly what I wanted and many were ones you had to buy (like through etsy).  Yes, I know the correct spelling is Swedish, but how cute is a “sweet-ish” fishbowl?? So I whipped up this valentines on Adobe Illustrator:


The free printout doesn’t have any name on the red tag.  You can write this yourself or edit it with your own graphic design software.  If you would like a file of this printout with your child’s name on the tag, just send me a message and I’ll happily make one for you for a small fee (paypal or bitcoin accepted).  You can then print them out yourself and add your own plastic bag and candy fish.  Click here or on the photo below for a link to the free PDF.


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