Romanesco Cauliflower (The Fractal Veggie)


Strolling through Whole Foods the other day in search of Kale, I happened upon this beauty of a veggie.  I bought it just because it was a perfect example of a fractal, so striking.  I had no idea how I was going to cook it.  I just had to have it.


It is called Romanesco Cauliflower (or Broccoli according to some sources).  It resembles a fractal and is so lime green, it’s appearance seems to be fake.  It’s flavor is similar to a traditional cauliflower, just a bit more nutty and the texture more crunchy.

After admiring it for a day I decided it was time to turn it into something scrumptious.  There are so many wonderful cauliflower recipes to choose from.  My favorite way to use cauliflower is to replace potatoes or cheese sauces or even pizza crust.  I was seriously considering making a cauliflower pizza crust out of my romanesco, but alas, I had only bought one and that wasn’t enough to make a pizza big enough for the whole family to enjoy.  So I went with Creamy Alfredo sauce instead.


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