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UPDATE: I have edited the free PDF download to include the most recent changes for the 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics Vaccine Schedule for persons 0-18 years. The suggested vaccine schedule is printed on the alternative full vaccination worksheet as a reference for parents.


This has been my #1 book of the year, hands down. Dr. Sears’ The Vaccine Book came to the rescue when I had too many questions about what is in vaccines, what are the risks and even more.  This book actually raised and answered important questions I didn’t even know I had.

What’s Inside

Dr. Sears goes through each vaccine, discussing the illnesses, risk factors when catching the illness, contents of the vaccine, how the vaccine is produced, and finally the known side effects and risks of getting each vaccine.  With a dedicated chapter for each vaccine, the thoroughness astounded me.  I didn’t realize how controversial the ingredients of vaccines really are: monkey vero cells, human aborted fetus lung tissue cultures, toxic amounts of aluminum, formaldehyde, the list goes on.  The most concerning of these for me (and the reason I found this book) was the unreasonably high levels of aluminum in almost all vaccines.  Dr. Sears Alternative Vaccine Schedule was exactly what I was looking for.  A reasonable way to space out vaccines, getting the most relevant ones first, spacing them out so there is not a huge dose of Aluminum, yet still fully vaccinating in the end.

I jumped from the AAP schedule to Dr. Sears Alternative Schedule starting on my 2nd child’s 6 month visit.  A myth dispelled by Dr. Sears is this idea that you cannot pause a series of vaccinations or that somehow if you stop on shot 2 of 3 in a series, the immunity is lost.  This is a common misconception, even amongst nursing staff.  In reality, stopping or pausing a vaccine series just provides partial immunity until the full series is complete.  Rarely does a vaccine provide full immunity even after all series shot have been received (most lie within a 85-95% immunity).

Things you never knew, but really should have

I had never before known that a person can actually be contagious after receiving a live virus vaccine (MMR, rotavirus, and Chickenpox).  There are circumstances when a person should not receive these vaccines, like when a child (or adult) lives with a pregnant women, because if the mother were to catch the virus from the vaccinated person, the unborn baby can develop abnormally.

Another noteworthy tidbit I learned was that studies show that vaccines given at a later age, specifically after a baby is 18 months old, provide greater immunity, particularly with live virus vaccines.  If you wait until a child is 18 months or older to receive the first MMR and Chickenpox vaccine, you can actually do a titer blood test to test immunity: a booster shot may not be needed if immunity is high enough.

In short, The Vaccine Book was the most informative, page turning book I have read all year. If you aren’t a parent, this book might be irrelevant. For moms and dads, it is like water on a sponge. It gave me the information I need to make powerful, important choices for my child’s health. Instead of trusting pediatric associations, government regulators, and drug manufacturing companies, I now have the power of knowledge on my side.

But beware: it is a book that will change your mind so much that you will feel compelled to act, to change how you approach vaccines.  Before reading The Vaccine Book, I was convinced that the actual virus component of vaccines was no big deal, as we come in contact with millions of germs, viruses, bacteria, and other foreign bodies daily.  What harm could come from a couple more germs, every few months through injection?  Dr. Sears had a compelling argument against this way of thinking: the germs and viruses we encounter daily are by way of our skin, digestive tract, or airways.  These points of entrance have defenses, filters, and barriers that rarely let any unwanted foreign bodies into our blood stream and internal body.  Vaccines are injected directly into the muscle and circulatory system. Huge difference! Dr. Sear’s response to this problem is to space out these viruses entering the blood stream so that the child’s immune system can respond without being overwhelmed. Seems like a no-brainer.

Aluminum and Polysorbate 80

Here is some useful information about Aluminum I found out:

  • A lethal dose is 600 mg per kg for all but new born babies.
  • There is about 3 mg of aluminum in one pound of fish.
  • Vaccines (individually have about 1mg of aluminum.
  • Keep in mind that food is digested, and vaccines are injected directly into the blood stream. Absorption through the gut is only about 1%.
  • High aluminum levels can be ingested when cooking with aluminum foil or cookware.
  • Makeup and antiperspirant also have high aluminum levels (connected to breast cancer in women).
  • Aluminum is not stored in the body like mercury. On average the human body will get rid of 0.1 mg of aluminum per day. After one low dose aluminum vaccine, it would take 1 week to rid the body of the aluminum. For combo shots given along side other shots, this may presumably take much longer.
  • Polysorbate 80 is also found in vaccines, which has recently been found to open the blood-brain barrier. This combined with the neurotoxin (aluminum) concerns me. Polysorbate 80 is being considered for use in brain cancer chemo treatment because it is so effective in opening the blood-brain barrier.

NOT Anti-vaccine

Please note that The Vaccine Book is NOT anti-vax. Dr. Sears own response to such allegations:

I would like to take this opportunity to clear the record regarding The Vaccine Book and my own professional opinions on vaccines. I believe that Dr. Offit has greatly misrepresented the overall message of the book as being ‘anti-vaccine.’ In fact, the book encourages parents to vaccinate their children. In order to give parents a complete educational experience, while presenting all the ‘pros’ of vaccines I felt it was important to list the ‘cons’ as well by discussing the potential side effects from the vaccine product inserts (while emphasizing how rare any severe reactions are). I also discuss the reasons why some parents choose not to vaccinate so that the readers can understand what these parents’ issues are. I believe that vaccine books that only show one side of the issue aren’t an effective educational tool. That’s why I present both sides.

The Alternative Vaccine Schedule Printable

While reading The Vaccine Book, I found I wanted a chart of the alternative schedule to start making notes for the doctor’s office visit.  I made this two-page chart to keep track of vaccines, manufacturer, etc.  Download the PDF worksheet I created by clicking on this link (it will open the PDF in a browser window and you can print it from there).  Dr. Sears Alternative Vaccine Schedule Parent Worksheet

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.23.17 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.23.28 PM

Video on how Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism:

NOVA PBS Documentary on Vaccines:

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36 thoughts on “Dr. Sears Alt Vaccine Schedule Free Parent Worksheet”

  • I’ve never heard of this book before, but it sounds like one that i should read. I’ve sorta followed like a blind sheep. Time to find out for myself (good or bad). Thanks for the nudge.

  • Vaccines have decreased childhood morbitity And mortality giving people the privilege of these frivolous discussions. These opinions are dangerous and detrimental to your child’s health.

  • Katka, I think you missed the entire point of the book or haven’t read it. Dr Sears actually recommends getting all vaccines in a timely fashion, just on a schedule that does not combine 4-6 vaccines in one visit, especially when no clinical testing has ever been done to see how the different vaccines interact when given all in one day. I still fully vaccinate my children, just on a schedule that I think is better for their overall health, not on the schedule that the American Pediatric Association thinks is the most effective way to make sure the average kid gets all his shots in the minimum number of well visits paid for by the average insurance company.

    Blindly following the recommendations of an association of doctors isn’t something I am interested in doing. I prefer to know what is in each vaccine, what it does and does not do for my child and then make informed decisions. Dr. Sears’s book is helping parents like myself understand exactly what goes on “behind the scenes” with regard to vaccines so we can make smart decisions, not blind ones.

  • So glad I can help with the nudge. Knowledge is power, whether we like what we see or not. I hope you find the answers that will help you decide what is best for your family 🙂

  • I think you may be the one that missed the point. My pediatrician follows the APA guidelines and my child has never received 4-6 vax in one visit. You are spreading fear, distrust and misinformation.

  • My children are now 18 and 20. The book wasn’t out when they were infants. I felt very strongly about vaccination at a young age and delayed them for both children. I saw a difference in the reaction to the vaccinations compared to my friends who were vaccinating on schedule.
    They have grown up healthy and happy with no apparent problems from delayed vaccination.

  • Perhaps you don’t realize how many vaccines are on the APA schedule? Here is the CDC link of the schedule for 2013:


    At the 6 month visit, babies receive the following: DTap (which has 3 vaccines in it), PCV, HIB, Polio and Hep B, and are eligible for the flu vaccine as well. That is a total of 7-8 vaccines in one visit. The amount of aluminum in those shots injected into a 6 month old can be as high as 1725 micrograms! A study done by ASPEN on aluminum safety in infants found that 4-5 migrograms per day in injectables was as much as a baby should receive before toxicity to the brain can occur. The FDA requires that all injectables for children contain no more than 25 micrograms, which we know is a safe limit. Yet there is a huge exception for vaccines to contain upwards of 850 micrograms for just one shot of Pediarix (DTaP, hep B and polio combo vaccine).

    Before I read this book, I was burying my head in the sand and just putting blind faith in the APA to look out for the well being of my child. I believed that vaccines should be taken without question, without my own research… why bother, someone else already did the research and concluded vaccines were safe, right? I am so glad I read this book to find out what ingredients are actually in vaccines.

    Knowledge is power. Now I make informed decisions. I still fully vaccinate my kids because I believe that heard immunity is important. However, I choose the brands of vaccine that have less aluminum, spread them out to avoid aluminum toxicity, and wait to give the live vaccines (MMR and Chickenpox) until my children’s immune systems have reached a more mature point at 18 months (studies show that live vaccines are more effective if given after 18 months and a booster is often not needed if a titer test is done to check immunity). It means more work for me: I have to do my research, communicate with my doctor, check the nurses’ vaccines to make sure they brought out the right ones, and take my kids in for more visits during their first year. But my kids are so worth the extra effort.

  • I wish I had been more “informed” (or educated myself) when my now 4 1/2 year old was getting all the vaccines on the Pediatricians schedule. Hindsight being 20/20, her behavior seemed to change for the worse as the appts. went on, and we now have her in therapy (NO MEDS) for it. ALSO, SHE DEVELOPED A FORM OF PRECOSIOUS PUBERTY AND HER ADRENAL GLAND IS NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY. Was it because of the vaccines??? We could sit here and argue that all day and I can see arguments for both sides, although I have to admit that I hadn’t heard about Dr. Sears delayed schedule until about 15 minutes ago. If I had, I probably would have gone with that. I’m not here to start an argument for either side, but I can’t help thinking that if the vaccines weren’t the cause, they certainly didn’t help the situation. If anyone here has experienced behavior problems or anything else for that matter, that have worsened or began with “what they believe” is/was the vaccines, I would be truly interested in hearing about it. Either here or if you would e-mail me at chefscott72@att.net (I’m interested only in peoples thoughts, experiences, etc. I WILL NOT BLOW UP OR SHARE YOUR E-MAIL WITH UNWANTED JUNK.) I am not all about that and certainly do not have the time or the need for needless crap like that. I am just curious to find out if anyone has had similar problems or other problems that are “questionable”. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hopefully will hear/talk from someone soon.

  • Good Morning,
    I made a post as chefscott and would be interested in your opinion. You seem to be very passionate and informed about the vaccines and schedules. Please feel free to e-mail me at chefscott72@att.net. My real name is Scott and with the recent developments with my daughter, I would be interested in talking to you. Thank You for your time. have a great day!!

  • Scott,

    Thank you for taking an interest in learning more about this. It sounds like you have good reason to do so. The difficulty when discussing what conditions are potentially caused by vaccinations is the lack of study in these areas. With most major drug studies, vaccines included, there is a first stage run done on all persons who will be participating in the study. During the initial stage, if anyone severely reacts to the drug or vaccine, they are omitted before the actual drug or vaccine trial begins. By design, this eliminates the recording of life-altering and severe reactions in these studies that are supposed to tell us that very thing: is it safe and what are the worst side effects possible? This leaves the door open for speculation, drawing conclusions based on anecdotal evidence and biased observations.

    Like you said, there is no definite way of knowing whether vaccines caused or made worse a situation that your daughter suffers from. The thing is, it doesn’t seem impossible that delicate organs like the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal gland could in some way be effected by an adverse reaction to injectable viruses and other toxic levels of compounds like Mercury or Aluminum found in vaccines (Mercury is only still found in some forms of the flu vaccine).

    My recommendation is to read Dr. Sear’s book for an in-depth look at the real risks and side effects of vaccines. You might find insight there even if your child is done with vaccines. There are vaccines that children receive on schedule all the way through their teens, so the information may still be of use to you to decide if a particular vaccine is necessary or a risk to your daughter when considering her situation. If for no other reason, The Vaccine Book is an accessible summation of all the science currently known about vaccines, a gold mine for a curious mind.

    Some other things to think about for someone who might be living your past situation:

    1) less than half of the vaccines kids receive are of fatal diseases, especially with our modern medicine. So if your child has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, most of the time it is best to stop that series.

    2) if you follow the Dr. Sear’s alternative schedule, your child will only receive at most 2 shots in one visit, usually just one. This allows one shot to be given in each leg and it becomes easier to monitor adverse effects and know what vaccine was the cause. The alternative schedule also ensures that only one aluminum containing vaccine will be given per month to avoid toxic levels in the body.

    3) you can stop a shot series at any time if adverse effects are noted. it is a misnomer that stopping a series will have ill effect. stopping a series just provides partial immunity. After all, no vaccine provides 100% immunity anyway. Most full vaccinations only provide between 75-95% immunity to an individual.

    4) the alternative schedule waits to give baby any injectable live virus vaccines until they are at least 18 month old. It has been proven in studies that vaccines, especially live virus vaccines, are more effective if given after 18 months when a baby’s immune system is more mature. Babies who receive MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines at 1 year, as recommended by the APA, are more likely to need a booster shot at 4-6 yrs of age than are children who received the vaccination at 18 months. Immune levels are easily determined with a titter test.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I am not an expert, but do care a great deal about what is best for our kid’s health and the lack of study that has been required of vaccines.


  • One thing that they also don’t consider in these schedules, if you have a premature child, is that your vaccine schedule should rely on the estimated due date, not your child’s birthday. My kids were all premies, and it did not make sense for me to use their birthday in estimating their age, so I would purposefully delay my appointments with the doctor for vaccines. Doctors don’t consider this, and always go by the birthdate. I should have probably waited even longer. My instincts told me that they were just too young, too small and fragile. Always keep this in mind, even if you child was only 1, 2, or 3 weeks early, which is not considered a premature birth. Use the latest estimated due date.

  • We didn’t vacc our child b/c she was (1) small (just over 5 lbs) at birth (2) had an eating problem from birth through age 3 and still some issues now at 5 (3) b/c we knew people whose children had bad experiences. HAD we vacc. we would be blaming every problem she has on the vacc. As stated, she has some feeding issues, she had early sight issues which requires glasses permanently (began at 8 months), and now has some what we consider as abnormal fears (grass, leaves, walking on different ground surfaces, fear of sirens and other loud noises, etc., etc. to where we cannot take her our in public for fear of having cops called on us b/c of her excessive screaming and crying).
    So, even though we did not vacc., we are still glad we didn’t b/c how bad would her problems be if we had vacc? maybe no difference, but we don’t know. She’s healthier and stronger now and eats well, so we’ll start catch-up vacc. soon. It was the hard road to go, causing us to change doctors a couple of times, but I think it the best road for our child who was weak and not eating well to begin with to go through the normal shot schedule.

  • @Momto2 – I think you made the right choice for your child. That is why I still think it is important for healthy children to be fully vaccinated for the “herd immunity” protection that offers children who cannot or should not receive vaccines. From what you describe, it seems your daughter may have sensory processing issues. I hope your health advisors have steered you to the right resources to help cope with sensory processing sensitivities. 🙂 http://www.spdfoundation.net/about-sensory-processing-disorder.html

    Best to you momma!

  • THANK YOU for this chart – I’m afraid I’m going to lose track of what to vaccine and when with my 4 mo old. This is SO helpful! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  • “These opinions are dangerous and detrimental to your child’s health” – that phrase doesn’t make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? Do you realize how Orwellian that sounds?

  • What year is that chart from? Is it the most up to date alternate schedule from him?

  • My son who is now 29 had a seizure and hours of shrill screaming within hours of his first Dtp shot, as a result the health dept. never gave him a tetanus shot again. We did notice that after this episode he became a different child. He no longer liked to be held or cuddeled, it became hard to soothe him. By school age it was apparent he had ADHD. Several years later Florida law changed and I discontinued vaccines for him and his younger brother,. I can say without a doubt that both my boys were healthier than any of their friends or school mates. Any of the diseases that ran rampant at school barley touched them….. where others were missing a week of school mine would only miss 2 days. I must admit that much of their good immune system was due to an extremely healthy diet…. lots of fruit and veggies and next to no refined sugar or soda. The only time they went to the DR. was for broken bones or stitches. They both grew up to be happy healthy men.It was not until they each joined the military that they caught up on their shots in boot camp and they both got sick just like everyone else. My granddaughter will be born in 4 months and my daughter-in-law and I will consider the alternative shot schedule for her. Thanks for the chart.

  • This was very informative. I have a newborn son and my husband and I have been doing our research and are going to go with the alternative schedule that you posted from Dr. Sear. Aside from the autism scares with vaccines, we feel that our baby should not be subjected to vaccines such as hep B right at birth, which is a sexually transmitted disease. If I were positive with hep B that would be different but my husband and I are not. We are not against vaccinations, but we feel that pumping our newborn baby with chemicals and “poisons” right off the bat are extremely unnecessary. We aren’t traveling out the country or going to be around large herds of people. I think that its important that we ask questions and become inquisitive on the health of our children, whether or not you choose to vaccinate according to the APA or an alternative schedule. I want to know exactly what is being put into my baby and I want to make sure that the guidance I receive from my doctor is accurate and in the best interest of his health. Thank goodness we have a pediatrician who is on board with our plans. Thanks again for your article.

  • here is an actual scientific article stating why this book is wrong and this guy is playing off your fears in order to make money. Delaying your childs vaccines is dangerous. People like this are the reason why measles outbreaks are happening in NYC and California.

    Dr. Sears offers 2 different schedules, 1 for crazy people who only want to do bare min. vaccines and one for people who want to delay. In other words, he is trying to get multiple groups of people to buy his book.

    Read this article published by the American Academy of Pediatrics

  • Mike,

    Thank you for posting and expressing your concern about the necessity of vaccination. I have read the article you linked to, and just browsed through it again to refresh my memory. Before I answer your post, I want to make clear that I am an advocate of 100% vaccination. I have chosen to use the alternative schedule for my children, mainly because there is research that supports the claim that there is way too much aluminum being injected into children all at once, much more that the liver can process. Because the vaccine manufacturers have not tested for aluminum toxicity levels during trials, nor have they considered doing this when multiple vaccines are being given all at once, I choose to err on the side of caution, spacing out the vaccines while still fully vaccinating.

    Dr. Sears’ book does mainly these things: educate people about how vaccines are made, the illnesses they prevent and the ages at which each is most needed. It is a book that educates parents, when there is very little material for lay people to access about each vaccine. Parents are concerned about what is being injected into their children and want to know more. Dr. Sears offers this information, and along with it he encourages parents to vaccinate. It is true for most parents that when speaking with their pediatrician about vaccines, the doctor offers little to no education on the ingredients, manufacturing process or potential side effects of each vaccine. Parents have thus taken it into their own hands to education themselves. I see this as commendable.

    The alternative schedule isn’t that much different from the recommended schedule. In fact, all of the shots that a baby would get in it’s first year of life on the traditional schedule are also received on the alternative schedule. The injections are simply spaced out over more visits and the ones that are not beneficial for an infant are postponed until the child is older (the Hep B). Another piece that the alternative schedule allows for is a better immunity. Children who receive a live virus vaccination after they are 18 months old develop a higher immunity to measles and chicken pox because their immune system is more mature than a 12 month old receiving these on a traditional schedule.

    The bare minimum schedule Dr. Sears offers, I view this way: IF a parent is completely wary of vaccines and their personal alternative is to not vaccinate, I would rather they be given the information about each vaccine and then choose to follow a bare minimum vaccine schedule that at least helps protect the child and the herd immunity against the most severe diseases.

    Ultimately the goal of all this is unbiased education with an emphasis on the necessity of herd immunity. It is easy for some of us to forget the horrible diseases like Polio and Measles that have been mostly eradicated, thanks to vaccination. This is why education and information is key.

    I believe that it is because of the misinformation and lack of education for parents that drives them to avoid all vaccination. They don’t understand it, they fear it and they refuse it. Dr. Sears’ book is one of few that gives parents the information they desire so they can make educated decisions.

    The best way to reach a parent who has refused vaccination for their children isn’t to call them “crazy”, but to give them the facts and give them an understanding of the severity and importance the subject matter.

    Thanks for posting,

  • Thank you so much for this and the following discussion. It has been quite helpful and informative!

  • Quick question, in Dr. Sears alternative schedule he recommends the PC and HIB at 15 months but on your PDF you don’t have a 15 month vaccine, why is that?

  • Haley,

    Thank you for reminding me about this. When I used this for my kids, I found the error, but simply wrote it in and forgot to change the printout for you guys! I have edited that, as well as updated the American Academy of Pediatrics Vaccine Schedule for 2015 (it changed quite a bit since I put this together a few years ago). Thank you for the nudge to make the update, I hope you find it a useful (and accurate) tool now.

    – Chrystine

  • What we need to know, ASAP, is where to start with our 7 year old grandson that has NOT been vaccinated. We are being pushed from many different directions and been told that when we take him in, they will load that poor boy up! Ummm…..NO! Any idea where I can find a schedule? TIA

  • Donna, there are some vaccines that cannot be given after 16-18 months. Many of the vaccines given before age 1 fit this category. If you are able to, I would suggest reading Dr. Sear’s book before your son’s appointment so that you can come up with a plan for how you would like to approach vaccines, which ones to do first and which ones to avoid doing simultaneously. If the doctor is pushing many vaccines at your visit, it would be very reasonable to say that because your child hasn’t had vaccinations yet, you would like to try 1 first to ensure his body handles it well. If you go to the appointment with a strong opinion and a plan of your own for a vaccine schedule, there is a better chance you will be understood and your plan respected.

  • Thank you! I need to find that book hopefully today. His appointment is on Wednesday. To say that I have severe anxiety would be an understatement!

  • At 12 months did your child get the MMR by itself or did you get the MMR and the Polio at the same time?

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