House Fairies


It seems there are so many summer birthdays for all my son’s little friends.  This gives me the perfect chance to make all the girly projects that pile up in my craft list cue.  Oh man, if I ever have a girl of my own!  One little friend has an affinity for fairies and I had the perfect idea for that, provided by Kate Benbow.

Imagine you find this little door on the wall in your home one day..


And then the fairies started to get mail and packages at their door…



And then they had milk delivered to them…


And they even put up seasonal wreaths!


After confirming with her mother that this gift idea would be ok (as it requires the parents to play along and set up the fairy door in the home), I decided to add to this “pretending” gift by giving the child a bit of House Fairy Dust to let the fairies know they were welcome to stay awhile at her home.

100_4297 100_4298

I made a free printable version of the House Fairy Dust for you to download:

Free Printable: House Fairy Dust

The fairy door and accessories all fit nicely into a little bag I sewed and then used fabric markers to print “House Fairy Kit”.  That was secretly gifted to the parents…



To make this gift, you will need a dollhouse door, knob, paints and any other accessories easily found in the dollhouse section of a craftstore.


I found that the dollhouse stuff can be quite pricy.  Milk bottles, for example, were over $12.  I made my own using some glass with cork miniature bottles that I just coated the inside with white acrylic paint.

100_4287 100_4288

Use a strong glue to glue the corks into the bottles after the paint has dried.100_4289 100_4291 100_4294



2 thoughts on “House Fairies”

  • This is SO cute! I would have loved this as a kid! What a wonderful gift idea.

  • LOVE the printable, did you write that little poem? I’m defiantly borrowing this idea!

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