A DIY Father’s Day


There are lots of father’s day gift ideas out there, but so many of them your children cannot make themselves.  This is a great list of projects your kids can actually make themselves for dad, even some for babies!DIYFathersDay

Car shirt – turn dad into a playmat when he lays on the floor.  This idea is super cool.  I love that you can make your own road, maybe your neighborhood? and if the kids are old enough maybe they can help color the shirt (if you use fabric markers be careful where they are drawing though).  Find out more at TheBlueBasket


Paint Chip Wallet – this can be a great activity for an older child to craft for dad.  You might put a gift card in there or a gift certificate to the home improvement store since you’ll be there looking at paint chips anyway!  Find out more here.


Father/Child Activity Jar – lots of ideas for things dad can do with the kids.  Just pull them out when needed.  If your child can help come up with ideas, that’s great!  They don’t all need to be super elaborate.  Wrestling with dad, playing trains, playing hide-and-seek, playing in the sprinkler are simple ideas.  Find out more at FamilyYourWayFathers-Day-Activity-Jar2

Shadow Box – this can be great for any age child to make.  Older children can design it and fill it with mementos  and younger children can imprint a hand or foot onto the glass.  Color the outside with markers, make it special!  Find out more here. 


Funny Mugs – decorate the bottom of a mug to make the person drinking look silly!  Perfect for kids old enough to draw with permanent marker.  And a good laugh for everyone.  Find out more at SimplyDesigning 



Finger Print Canvas for dad – even the youngest can participate in this one.  Come up with your own animals to make out of finger or hand prints.  Great idea! Find out more at NKLewis












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