Baby “Mugging”


Have you heard about baby mugging?  It’s totally not what you think it is.  Rather cute, and definitely a meme on the internet right now.  I have a baby and a couple of mugs and a super rad green carpet, so why not do some baby mug shots?


My life with two kids has been rather crazy lately.  I actually had to put ‘baby mugging’ on my to-do list to get around to it!  It’s amazing how being a fulltime mom is really a fulltime job.  The conveyor belt system of laundry, washing the diapers, scheduling playdates, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, making sure my toddler can have messy play without getting out of hand (water play outside is my favorite), the list goes on.

My job is simple, yet complex: make sure everyone is fed, clean, well rested, having fun; and make sure the house is clean and a great place for our family to enjoy being with each other.  Sounds simple, until you try it yourself. That list itself can burn through a whole 16 hour day pretty quickly.  Taking care of myself is important too: exercise, yoga, reading, time to play the piano, time with my partner, time with my friends, time to learn new things.

These days I find it helpful to remind myself that the little repetitive actives that maintain the status quo can also be enjoyed and I can mix it up and add silliness to them if I want to.  For example, today I did some laundry and after bringing it in off the line, my two year old and I went crazy after I dumped the whole lot onto the living room floor.  We hid under the clothes, had a clothes fight and put underpants on our heads and made silly noises.  THEN we folded the clothes (he actually tries to help fold).


Giving some face-time to the school where I received my Masters:


Then the baby mug shots were decidedly over:


Take some mug shots of your baby and post the link to your photos in the comments!






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