21 Ways to Tell if you Live in a Tiny Apartment


Living in a small apartment or home can be challenging but fun.  Reflecting on the days before we had kids, I was reminded of all the quirky, odd challenges that face people who live in small apartments.  For one year we lived in a 525 sqft studio.  It was cozy, just the space we needed and rent was cheap.  For the two of us it was perfect and we loved being close – I mean really close – to each other in our little apartment.


1. When your friends come over you fret about who will have to sit on the floor… and it’s usually you.

2.  When you run your dishwasher it humidifies the entire apartment.

3.  Your cat(s) have figured out the longest distance in your apartment and

Using the top of the cabinet as a bookshelf. A little herb garen below.

periodically run laps to get some exercise.

4.  You watch TV on your computer, which you can see from any place in your apartment.

5.  You can watch TV from your toilet.

6.  You have only one window 🙁  Lucky you if it has a good view.

7. During the holidays you ask people not to give you anything, partially because you don’t like getting “stuff” but mostly because you don’t have any more room.

8. Your storage containers serve as your bedside tables.

9.  50% of your total storage space is located under your bed.

10.  Your books are displayed next to your dishes and kitchen appliances.

11.  You are never out of sight or earshot of your partner/roommate….

12.  …which means that passing gas is no longer a private matter.

13.  Your body heat is enough to warm your entire apartment in cool weather and you have no idea if your heater actually works because you’ve never had to use it.

14.  When you shoe shop, you consider if your purchase will fit on your shoe rack and if not, which pair you will have to get rid of.

15.  Instead of buying a dresser you store your underwear and socks in your kitchen drawers and have to explain to guests that your kitchen is also your closet when they accidentally find your panties while searching for a fork.

16.  An antique chest serves as a coffee table, extra seating, and of course extra storage.

17. Your clothes are on display, and not because you want to look at them.

17.  Your clothes are on display, and not because you want to look at them.

18.  There are more mirrors than paintings on your walls, and not because you are vain.

19.  You have actually considered buying a murphy bed.

20. You can clean all your tile with one paper towel and all your carpet with a dustbuster.

21.  You and your partner have gotten used to “dancing” with each other in the kitchen as you prepare meals.  Bumping butts in the kitchen never gets old.

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