Upcycled Sweater to Toddler Pant: Tutorial


This one was by far my favorite pant because it was so easy to make and only cost me an old sweatshirt!  That ten dollar sweatshirt was not looking so hot on me anymore and had been waiting in the fabric bin for a good project.  Voila!  Baby sweatshirt pants upcycle!





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All you need is

  • an old sweatshirt (you’ll be using the arms),
  • a length of 1 inch Elastic (this will be determined by the waist length)
  • basic sewing supplies.


First, lop off the arms.  Grab a pair of your kiddo’s pants that fit or maybe are a bit bigger.  Measure the length of the pant and add 2-3″ at the top for the elastic band.  Cut your sweater arms accordingly.


Next, decide what side of the arms you want facing in and facing out.  I chose to face the seam of the arm inside the leg.  Using your previous pair of pants and a guide, measure up from the bottom of the leg to the start of the inseam and then do the same on the sweater arms.  You’ll want to cut from the top down to that point for the crotch.


Next, inside out the sweater arms and sew the crotch seams together.  I used a zigzag stitch, which worked great for this stretchy fabric.  When you are done with one side, it should look like this:


Finish sewing up the other side and keep your pants inside out.  If the top of your pants are uneven, now is the time to even them out with a scissors.  You can then either zigzag stitch or serge the top edge.  It should look like this:


Next, measure your child’s waistline for the elastic and cut a piece that is just 1 inch longer (for the overlap).  Pin your elastic under a hem roll and sew all the way around, leaving a large enough opening so you can pull both piece of elastic ends out for the finish.



Pull the elastic ends out to meet and overlap, then stitch them together.  Place the now completed elastic loop back under the hem casing and finish closing the hem over the elastic.


Then turn your pants right side out and your done!  Soft, comfy and completely upcycled…



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