Baby Sleeping Sack: A Tutorial


At the start of this winter my little boy was waking up during the night cold, even though he had warm footie pajamas on.  Sewing mommy to the rescue!  Those Halo Sleep Sacks were too expensive at $25-$30 per sleeping bag.  I needed at least 2, preferably 3 to keep in the wash rotation. I came up with a double layered flannel sleepsack with an invisible zipper.  My favorite part was picking out the adorable fabrics!

You will need:

1 Yard flannel print for outside

1 Yard Flannel Inside

Thread to match

1 22 inch zipper (the no-see kind)

1 snap

Faux button if desired on snap closure

This is a very simple project.  Cut out your outer fabric and lining.  Use a shirt or onesie your little one wears to trace the neck and arms.  The back of the sleep sack should have a higher neckline than the front.  Take baby’s height and add about 5-7 inches at the bottom and make the bottom fan out so they can stretch their little legs at night.  [My 10 month old was about 26″ tall.  To give you an idea of a 6 month old height, my guy was 23″, but he has lots of tall genes to pull from…  He is a year old now and I’ve made longer ones for him than the 10 month sizes.]

Your front panel will be split in two for the zipper.  Give yourself a little more seam allowance for the zipper installation.  Then put your two front panels together, right sides facing and serge along the zipper edge and all the way around the neck and down to past the arm holes, leaving the outer edge and bottom open.  Turn these right side out and press your seams.

Then Do a similar thing for the back panel, sewing the neckline and arm areas together (leaving the sides and bottom open), sewing right sides facing, and then turn right sides out.  Press your seems open, especially the ones where the Zipper will be placed.

Then Install the Zipper before sewing the front and back panels together.

Once you have installed the zipper, place the front and back panel together, right sides facing.  Serge around the outside and bottom, avoiding the arm and neck holes of course.  Close the gap below the zipper between it and the bottom of the sack with a zigzag stitch on the inside of the bag.  Zigzag stitch the shoulder pieces together.

Then turn the whole thing right side out.  If you want to add the snap closure over the top of the zipper, do so last so you can adjust where the best placement will be for baby’s comfort.

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10 thoughts on “Baby Sleeping Sack: A Tutorial”

  • I just made one using this tutorial and it turned out really good! I will be making a few more soon.
    Than you so much for taking the time to post this.

  • love this…..really cute….blankets in the crib are dangerous…

  • GREAT tutorial!!! I can’t wait to get scissors into my new flannel to make my daughter a few of them! Keep up the creativity!!!

  • I used this to make sleep sacks for our first little guy and now I’m making more fo the new one on the way! Thank you for such an easy tutorial!

  • Very cute! I have been looking at these patterns for days now. Your tutorial was well done but. All of the patterns I have found start with…. trace your current baby clothes to get the size.I’m sewing this for my sister in law who lives across the country from me and the baby is due in two weeks, my kids are now 9 and 19 so it’s been a while since I’ve held a little one. Please for those of us with no babies give us some patterns or dimensions at the least ( I do appreciate your mention of height). Thank You for the help

  • Christine, it would probably be easiest to grab a onesie (in the size you wish to fit) from the store to use as a pattern, even if you return the onesie after tracing it. Because of the sleeves and neckline, it is much easier to do it this way. Hope this is helpful!

    – Chrystine

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