Roll-up Puppet Theatre Gift Idea


What is more fun when you are a toddler than watching a puppet show or putting one on yourself?  Nothing, except maybe getting dirty in the sandbox or having someone give you a ballon – sweet!  I made this colorful, fun portable puppet playhouse for a 3 year old’s birthday gift.  It turned out super awesome, so well that I am going to make a “boy” version for my son who isn’t even a year old.  He is fascinated with puppets and LOVES watching puppets interact.

My favorite feature is the puppet pockets on the backstage part of the theatre!

The puppets are made from craft felt, all their pieces sewn on except the black parts of the eyes, which I hot-glued on.  The moving mouth piece on the horse was a bit tricky, but once I figured out to sew on the mouth before cutting the hole in the back for fingers to fit, it worked a lot better.

This portable theater features an adjustable curtain rod to fit between a doorframe and a wooden dowel in the center to keep the paneling taut.

It can be rolled up when the theatre company needs to travel and the puppets can stay in their pockets for the roll.

For the puppets, I got the inspiration from Larissa over at her blog and modified and went crazy with the felt puppet idea.

Roll it up and it makes it’s own gift wrap, eco friendly 🙂


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