Sewing Reusable Baby Wipes – A Naptime Project


After cloth diapering for 2 months, I finally decided it was also silly to buy and throw away wipes.  So instead of buying pieces of square cloth for $2 a pop to wipe my kid’s bum, I decided to sew my own cotton flannel wipes.

There is really nothing to it.  Just buy a couple yards of 100% cotton flannel in whatever color you love, cut some squares and either serge the edges or do a zigzag stitch over a straight stitch for extra strength when those wipes go through the laundry.

I paid just under $3 a yard for my cotton flannel and probably used $1 of thread to serge them.  For $4 I made 38 wipes, and saved at least $38 by not buying them pre-made.  Plus now I get to save $20 for each month my child is in diapers by not buying wipes.  That’s a whopping $240 per year!


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