Baby Sunhat: A Tutorial


Living in sunny Arizona where the sun shines 350 days out of the year, a baby sunhat was a must have for my little man.  This pattern does not work for a toddler sunhat: find that tutorial here.  This design works great for baby’s round head.

You will need:

  • Less than 1/4 yard of fabric, and 1/4 yard of  the inside fabric (you can forgo the inner liner on the cap portion of the hat if you want a lighter weight hat.  If you do this, use felt as the double bottom material for the brim so it sticks out to protect baby’s face from the sun.)
  • Paper to make your pattern
  • Measuring Tape
  • (Fabric Scissors, Serger (this is my favorite serger), Thread to match fabric, etc)

Let’s get started! First, measure baby’s head.  If you are making this as a gift, generally a newborn’s head circumference is 15-16″.  At 3 months generally 16-17″ and at 6 months 17-18″.  Make your pattern as shown below with the bottom of the dome shape being 1/3 of what you measured on your child’s head.  For example, if you want a hat to fit a 15″ head, the base of your dome pattern will be 5″.  Cut out 4 of these in each fabric (you will have 8 total).  The brim is gauged by the base of the dome.  The base of the dome should be the distance between the inside cut of the brim.  You’ll need two brims in each fabric (or one in your pattern and one in felt if you are not lining the cap).

Ok, so cut your fabric and lay the domes together with the right sides facing out.

Serge together the edge of two domes on the inside fabric of the hat.  It should look like this:

Sew all four domes together, and when you turn it over it should look like this:

Sew the last two edges together.  Then take your brim pieces and sew the edges together to make a circle.

Serge around the outside of the brim.  Then serge the brim to the bottom of the bowl piece so your stitches are on in the inside of the hat.

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8 thoughts on “Baby Sunhat: A Tutorial”

  • thanks exactly what i needed for this hot weather were having in california. I love this fabric I have used it many times for my baby sheets and bibs. The pictures are also very helpful for a novice sewer like myself

  • I’ve gone back several times to check, but I am still lost. When sewing the dome pieces, are you sewing the lining pieces to the outer pieces first, and then sewing all four pieces of the dome together?

  • Yes, I surged the lining to the dome, but you could make two domes, one of the lining and one of the outer fabric and then place them together. Just make sure to sew the dome pieces so that the stitching faces together on the final product. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much for this. How high did you make the pattern pieces for the dome please? I know it is a long time ago that you posted this but hope you may know
    Thanks again

  • Maria,
    The height may depend on the size of the child’s head. Between 6-7 inches should work for these measurements. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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