Inflatable Bouncy Houses have Illegal Levels of Lead


From Inhabitots:

“While bouncy fun may sound like a great plan at a kid’s birthday or other child-minded event, bounce houses are anything but fun when it comes to your child’s health and safety. This summer an in-depth investigation by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) prompted lawsuits to be filed by CEH and the California Attorney General against many leading makers, distributors and suppliers of bounce houses, also known as jump houses or inflatable jumpers. Lead limits were through the roof with many of these bounce houses. One major brand was tested as containing more than 70 times the federal limit for lead in kids’ products under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. More independent CHE testing showed that the massive amounts of lead from bounce houses expose children to lead at levels that violate California law.”

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1 thought on “Inflatable Bouncy Houses have Illegal Levels of Lead”

  • On of the best parties (for adults) that I ever attended features a Bouncy Castle. The thought that it was toxic pains me deeply. 🙂

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