Having a Baby Makes your Brain GROW!


ScienceDaily (Oct. 20, 2010) — Motherhood may actually cause the brain to grow, not turn it into mush, as some have claimed. Exploratory research published by the American Psychological Association found that the brains of new mothers bulked up in areas linked to motivation and behavior, and that mothers who gushed the most about their babies showed the greatest growth in key parts of the mid-brain…. In particular, the mothers who most enthusiastically rated their babies as special, beautiful, ideal, perfect and so on were significantly more likely to develop bigger mid-brains than the less awestruck mothers in key areas linked to maternal motivation, rewards and the regulation of emotions.

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As a soon to be mother, maybe this is something to put on a future resume:  “My brain is larger than the average person because I had a baby” … or maybe not.


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