Letter to A Christian Nation: Sam Harris (Book Review)


Letter to A Christian Nation was the first of Sam Harris‘ books that I picked up.  Gathering assumptions from the title, I anticipated a book geared towards the religious infiltration into American politics.  I found a bit of that mixed into Sam’s book, but even better I found his straightforward approach to tackling American fundamentalists brilliantly refreshing.  Written in the first person, Letter to a Christian Nation bluntly points out the hypocrisies American fundamentalist Christians show in opposing Muslim fundamentalists.  Before doing this, he compactly brings down every major dogma of Christianity, laying the ground work for the final punch at the end.  He rightly suggests that in order to combat the religious nonsense that drives Muslim suicide attacks, American Christians need to turn that finger around and examine their own radical, exclusive belief system.

The entire read took me 2 hours.  Afterward I said aloud: “Yes, I absolutely agree.”  After sitting in contemplation for a moment I decided that it had been the best use of 2 hours in a long time to be enriched with the viewpoint Harris’ offered.  It is one of those books you feel like handing out to a fundy in your family who thinks their religion is the end-all, be-all and everyone else can go suck it.  It is almost as satisfying as knocking someone so pig-headed like that over the head with a board and shouting: “wake up you idiot! you do nothing but isolate yourself from reality!”  Intellectually satisfying.

Get a Letter to a Christian Nation or read Sam Harris’ other best seller: The End of Faith.


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