Hundreds of Toxic Chemicals Found in Babies umbilical chords


EWG performed a study on chemicals found in newborn’s umbilical chords.  Among the compounds found in the tissues samples were BPA, Teflon, flame retardant found in couches and bedding, the total number of toxic chemicals was 232.  Many of the chemicals found in the babies umbilical chords were components of make up and personal products that women continue to use throughout pregnancy.

The EWG put out a list of ways to avoid the most harmful toxins during pregnancy (as always).

From MNN:

“A two-year study, commissioned by eco-nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Rachel’s Network, studied the umbilical cord blood of 10 American babies of African-American, Asian, and Hispanic heritage born between 2007 and 2008 — to find 232 toxic chemicals. According to Alex Formuzis, EWG’s director of communications:
Among the substances newly discovered, in addition to BPA, included a toxic flame retardant chemical (tetrabromobisphenol A) designed for computer circuit boards, chemicals used in synthetic fragrances (galaxolide and tonalide) for common cosmetics and detergents, and a member of the notorious Teflon chemical family (perfluorobutanoic acid) that helps make non-stick, and grease, stain and water-resistant coatings for a number of everyday consumer products.”

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