The Greatest Show on Earth: Richard Dawkins


Perhaps the most comprehensive layman’s book on the science of Evolution, The Greatest Show on Earth inspires a deeper understanding of life on planet Earth.

Richard Dawkins is well known for his best selling book The God Delusion where he makes a compelling case against superstitions and religion.  However, in his latest book, Dawkins makes a point to set aside supernatural disagreements and focus on the point of evolution.  He does so in earnest because of the outspoken creationists who mislead young minds into believing the earth is only 10,000 years old and that people rode Dinosaurs.

The Greatest Show on Earth is written in a way that chronologically flows well and makes a point to explain the various ways in which evidence is verified.  Dawkins goes into great length to explain to the average person how carbon dating and zirconium dating function and the strengths and weaknesses of each dating method.  He covers the many experiments and observations being done today to watch evolution take place in bacteria, dog breeds, fish and much more.  Dawkins includes detailed information on fossils and lineage that connect all living things together on the tree of life.

This book is also available on iTunes in audio formate from Dawkins narrates the audio book, which is a great way to glean the most accurate inflection from the author himself.


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