Conservapedia apparently written with a child’s logic


I always hesitate to post such non-information as this because it just threatens to draw attention to something that deserves none.  However, I broke down this time to show you a couple screen shots of the Conservapedia page on Charles Darwin.

The founder of Conservapedia appeared on The Colbert Show last week.  Colbert played along and helped Andy Schlafty make a fool of himself as he tried to answer how information was filtered on the site.

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Conservapedia’s page on Charles Darwin reads like a 7th grade book report. The information lacking, opinionated and simplistic.  The only informational topics on Darwin is “Biography”, 4+ pages of “Religion” and a bunch of opinionated titles like “Darwin’s Racism” and “Darwin’s Belief in Male Superiority”.  Nothing about his life’s work or topic headings on Evolution, the Voyage of the Beagle, or Science related studies.  It would be like writing an Encyclopedia page on George Washington without mentioning the Revolutionary War, his presidency or Mt Vernon and instead writing only on how he owned slaves and had children by them.


I seriously hope “conservatives” are not degrading themselves to relying on poor resources with political and religious agendas paraded front and center.



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