Spray on Tanning and Spray-on Suncreen may cause cancer


Every time I go to a new gym, I become familiar with the resident “orangies” who are perpetually tan, most of them bordering on the orange spectrum.  For weight trainers like myself there is something to be said for being buff AND tan.  Spray on tans are by far the most common alternative to frying your skin in the cancer coffin on a regular basis.  I’ve tried the spray tan booth a few times myself and was hard pressed to avoid breathing in the spray.  Holding your breath for 15 seconds while being doused with dye.  I inevitably inhaled the stuff.

Researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have conducted studies on nano particles found in paint, vitamins, tanning sprays, spray-on suncreens, cosmetics, toothpastes, etc.  Their focus especially was on titanium dioxide nanoparticles.  Results suggested that continual exposure whereby the nanoparticles were allowed to enter the body (through digestion or inhalation) caused cancer in mice.  They also suggested that the nanoparticles are not able to penetrate the skin, but upon entering the body, they are able to move around freely causing oxidative stress and cell death.

“It could be that a certain portion of spontaneous cancers are due to this exposure,” Schiestl said. “And some people could be more sensitive to nanoparticles exposure than others. “I believe the toxicity of these nanoparticles has not been studied enough.”

The studies warrant further research on the effects of nanoparticles on the body.  Until then, think twice when stepping into that tanning booth, spraying on the sunscreen or powdering your face.  You may be flirting with lung cancer.

Find out more at Science Daily.


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