Mercury in your Mascara and Lead in your Lipstick?!


Not too long ago it we learned that Nail Polish contains “female reproductive toxicants”. Some more beauty products in the average women’s arsenal are now up for question for containing lead and mercury.

The FDA recently tested 33 of the most popular lipsticks and found lead in 60% of them. The ranges in lead detection were between 0.01 parts per million (ppm) to 3.06ppm. Ladies should also know that most lipsticks are composed of fish scales and parabens (along with the lead) which get ingested when you lick your lips or eat with the stuff on. Read the full report here.

Along with lipstick, Mascara as regulated by the FDA allows for up to 65 parts per million of mercury.  This is a small amount, however Mercury is a neuro toxin and once absorbed by the body stays in the fatty tissues and never is flushed out of the system.  Mercury can then accumulate over years of exposure and prove toxic to a developing fetus.

Things like Lead and Mercury are not included on the manufacture’s lable along with other harmful carcinogens.  Fortunately for those who want to still look smashing without the poison, there are beauty product lines that offer an all natural, chemical and paraben free way to dress up your eyes and lips.  For[amazon ASIN=”B0017QT7T6″]Mascara try Honeybee Gardens[/amazon].  They also carry a great line of [amazon ASIN=”B000VUUSAG”]lip color[/amazon] and [amazon ASIN=”B0036ANS0U”]eye color[/amazon].

Similar products and many many more can be found at Whole Foods or other health stores.  If you are unsure about trying a new product, ask a sales representative at the store to recommend a product.  You may even ask if they will accept a return so you can try something new in confidence.


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