SIGG Secrets revealed, and now what?


The most recent reverberations through the green blogospheres has been the shocking news from SIGG eco bottle makers that all their bottles made before August 2008 were internally coated with a material that contains BPA.  It should be noted however that there is no study that has found these liners to leach BPA into the water.  Prior to this month, SIGG kept the contents of their bottles secret claiming an industry secret that would jeopardize their stake in the eco bottle market should they disclose their formula.  I am joining the crowd of eco buyers who feel betrayed by a company that marketed against BPA as having a water bottle that was BPA free.  They made fun of other manufactures and rode the wave of popularity because they could make a good product that wouldn’t harm us.  But alas.

My solution to this is NOT to go running to a SIGG competitor.  Instead, I will go with the tried and true, the most recycled and chemical free water bottle possible.  Glass old fashioned milk bottles, like the kind the milkman used to bring to your grandma’s door.  You can buy them online, some are recycled, some are new made from recycled glass.  They look chic and fit nicely in the fridge.  The downsides: breakable when dropped and may not fit in all vehicle cup holders.  So, if you can hang on to your bottle and put up with a minor inconvenience, you can have a cheap, recycled, chemical free water bottle.


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