Topless swimming legal in Sweden! Book my flight, lets go.


Yes, now I have a reason to go to Sweden!  Next European trip, I am so there.

The City of Malmö decision after initially being asked to vote on a motion that would force women to cover up after a feminist group started appearing at pools topless. Instead they voted in an amended version that said that “everybody should wear bathing suits,” leaving the door open for topless bathing as long as the woman was wearing a bottom part of a bikini. 1


3 thoughts on “Topless swimming legal in Sweden! Book my flight, lets go.”

  • That’s not such a big deal, especially in Sweden. Black’s Beach in San Diego most places in the Caribbean and Miami’s South Beach, which permit topless bathing, are all closer.

  • Cool! Lets go. Next time its Whale watching and then beached-whale watching in Cali…. with hopefully some mermaids/men mixed in with the beached Whales.

  • I don’t think you want to swim during Gray Whale migration (January). Maybe when the weather is warmer.

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